Arctic Academy

Pic: Stallion in Snow



South Arctic Academy Information


NOTE--THIS IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE to STUDENTS via their Chromebook Accounts.

  WAIT: "Do we have an Arctic Academy today?"

1.  Did the School Messenger Phone call this morning say we did?
2.  Does the Home Page of the South Webpage say we do?

**If you answered "YES" to the above to questions...then YES we do.  If you answered "NO" to the above questions, then NO we do NOT.

Do NOT do the Arctic Academy unless you answered YES to the above.


To access your Chromebook Lessons, check out the links to the left.

Remember, you can "hand it in" to your teacher by:
1.  Printing it and handing it in.
2.  Writing your answers on notebook paper, and handing it in.
3.  Emailing your work to your teacher.
4.  Sending your work through Engrade.
5.  Sharing your work through Google Drive.

Make sure you ask what your teacher prefers.

Stay WARM as you WORK. :)

Don't forget, you can reach your teachers on Arctic Academy days, if you have questions, from 8:00am to 2:45pm by:
1.  Calling the School (304)291-9340
2.  Emailing your teacher
3.  Engrade messaging your teacher