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Small Group Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Groups are offered throughout the school year as determined by need.


Small group counseling is one of the responsive services available as part of the comprehensive school counseling program. The school counselors and often community counselors work together to lead the small groups. Small group counseling is available to students in all grades and covers various topics such as anger management, anxiety, grief and loss and organization/study skills. Counseling is offered in a small group for students expressing difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns, or normal developmental tasks. Counseling helps students identify problems, causes, alternatives and possible consequences so they can develop coping skills and take appropriate action. Depending on the topic, a variety of techniques and materials are used including books, short videos, art materials, role play, games, and suggestions for practice between sessions. 


Students will be given a needs assessment during August Guidance Lessons to understand the groups that are most needed this year. 


Some of the groups that will be offered this year include: 

Emerging Gentlemen/ Ladies in Training- Leadership Training

Cool as a Cucumber- Lessening Anger and Anxiety

Changing Families- Grief, Divorce and Loss

Keeping It Together- Organization and Study Skills

Walk and Talk- Will take place in the gym. Start date TBA