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Blue filter over kids hands dissecting in science class Blue rubber gloves. Overlay - South Middle School Medical Detectives

MCS' administrators Sandra DeVault and Sandra Brown, and BOE members Nancy Walker, Ron Lytle and Mike Kelly observe seventh grade Medical Detectives during a hands-on STEM activity.  

Dr. Lois Campbell, STEM Specialist at South Middle School, showcased seventh grade students who are participating in the Gateway program for Project Lead the Way (PLTW). PLTW has three pathways - Engineering, Biomedical and Computer Science.  At South, Grade 6 students participate in Flight and Space/NASA, Grade 7 participate in Biomedical (Medical Detectives) and Grade 8 participate in Design and Modeling with 3-D printing. 

In the photos, seventh graders continue their exploration of the nervous system which includes brain dissection. They are currently evaluating hypothetical patients to determine the cause of their neurological dysfunction and whether or not their patients may have a brain tumor. The students' decisions will determine which brains should be studied further for dissection and analysis of tumors.  

South Gateway  PLTW student dissecting
Student Dissecting brain with adult observing
Dr. Lois Campbell and students dissect a brain
Principal Brown with South Gateway Students dissecting brain
South Middle School STEM Specialist Dr. Lois Campbell instructs students